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Established in 2000 by major window film manufacturers, the European Window Film Association (EWFA) represents the interests of the window film industry in Europe, with the purposes of supporting our members' business efforts and voice their concerns, while bringing awareness around window film products in Europe. The EWFA is a Chapter of the International Window Film Association (IWFA).

Since its creation, EWFA has grown in size and scope, and currently counts with 21 distributors and manufacturers members from 15 different countries. We have created relationships with other like-minded organisations and are in close contact with main stakeholders and decision-makers in Europe, whether in Brussels or at national and local level. Our objectives are to continue to reach and influence a wider audience, increasing the awareness of what and how window film can improve the environment and how people work and live around windows.



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Statement on Protection from and against Ballistics

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) and its affiliated Chapters have the utmost concern about any written specification or recommendation that would call for the use of any type of window film, such as a safety or security film, as a primary component of a “bullet-resistant glazing”.

Antitrust Guidelines for IWFA and EWFA Meetings

Antitrust Guidelines for IWFA and EWFA Meetings The following guidelines are intended to assist speakers and attendees at IWFA and EWFA meetings to avoid antitrust-sensitive topics. Absent prior legal guidance and clearance, there should be no presentation to, discussion concerning, or dissemination of documents to IWFA/EWFA members, whether relating to any particular company or to the window film industry in general, regarding the following subjects: 

Statements & Guidelines

This page gathers a number of Statements and Guidelines elaborated by the IWFA, and commonly applicable to the IWFA and the EWFA, as a Chapter of the IWFA.

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