Solar Control and Energy Savings

Fact Sheet for Consumers

Untreated glazing offers little protection against solar energy, allowing excessive visible light (glare), infra-red (heat) and UV (ultra violet) to pass through, bringing with them a wide array of challenges. Window Film can alleviate many solar control issues whilst retaining the view through the window.  They are non-disruptive to install and maintain, and require no human intervention to operate.  

Fact Sheet : Solar Control and Energy Savings

Fact Sheet for Professionals

Technical Paper on Retrofit Automotive Window Films

- June 2018

Technical Paper on retrofit Automotive Window Film in Europe 13 June 2018 This Technical Paper has been produced by the European Window Film Association (EWFA). As the European Chapter of the International Window Film Association (IWFA), the EWFA represents the interests of the window film industry in Europe by supporting our members’ interests and increasing awareness of window film products in the region.

Case Studies

View this page to read about recent case studies presented by the EWFA

Skylight film installation reduces Barcelona shopping centre’s cooling costs

Brussels, April 22, 2015 - EWFA released today a case study about an installation carried out in the roof glazing of the Barcelona shopping centre - the Diagonal Mar. The temperature logging showed that directly under the skylights, the Window Film reduced the temperature felt underneath the roof by about 20˚C! Compared to the previous year, in June alone cooling costs were cut by over 11%, contributing to the estimated annual energy saving of over 20,000 EUR....

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