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Ask Me About An Ever Growing Commitment To Professionalism

I recently returned from a global conference focused on window film PPP; no, in this case not Paycheck Protection Programs, but Products, Plans and People. What a change from just a few months ago!

This conference was an in-person, walk the show floor, meet people, exchange ideas, learn new things and get insights to the future of the industry. It was certainly refreshing and comforting at the same time.

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IWFA Accreditations May Make You Stand Out!

The IWFA offers four accreditations: Solar Control Specialist, Safety and Security Film Specialist, Advanced Solar Control Specialist and Automotive Window Film Specialist. Each of these demonstrates an individual's comprehension and knowledge of each subject and is earned by passing a proctored test, whether in-person or online.

In a sense, accreditation is a way of demonstrating that an individual has a proven understanding of the selected area of expertise and is potentially head and shoulders above others who have not received accreditation.

The IWFA is pleased to announce an Accreditation Promotion in accordance with our 30th anniversary celebration! For a limited time, when you sign up for an Accreditation Test, receive the corresponding manual free of charge. Click here to access the deal >

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2020 In Hindsight

By Darrell Smith

Sometimes when you are driving through a rough patch on the road, you are glad to see it go away in your rear view mirror as you move forward. That’s about how we feel about 2020. The year began like a rocket ride, with the economy pushing through historic boundaries on all fronts. So, when the COVID pandemic struck, it grounded everything real fast and rather than flying high, everyone seemed to hunker down.

But despite the tenacity of the virus, we all came together and worked harder to get stronger. As a result, there were many accomplishments achieved despite the challenges the industry faced. (To read the entire article, click on the headline)

Thankful for the Silver Lining


By Darrell Smith

Growing up in southwestern Virginia our family ran a regional food distribution business. Like any family business, as soon as the you’re old enough, you helped out. I remember helping to load the trucks before the sun came up and then sitting in the cab with my dad as we made deliveries. While I certainly didn’t like having to get up so early and the hard work, I learned to enjoy the time we shared in the cab of the truck, sharing stories and getting my dad’s insight on each customer we saw. (To read entire article, click on headline)

What The IWFA Logo Means For Consumers

Many professions have an association. Some professions require membership and certification or a license in order to work in the profession. Examples are: Accountants, Architects, Therapists, Teachers, Engineers, Nurses and many others. The window film industry is one of the few professions available where certification or licensing may not be required. In some locations, such as California, a contractor’s or remodeler’s license may be needed. (Click on headline to read full story)


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