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Significant Milestones In The History of The IWFA

The success of the industry has been built one-step at a time. The IWFA has played an important role in advancing the industry. Here is a chronological overview of that progress. Milestones in bold are thought to be significant.

1988  Initial grassroots organization

1991 IWFA incorporated with IRS as a nonprofit 501 (c) (6) business league

1991 A Florida US District Court states ‘window tint that results in light transmittance of less than 70% does not render a window inoperative. Although the government asserts that FMVSS 205 is a safety standard, the businesses offered expert testimony to show the standard was originally enacted as a design standard.

1994 US Patent and Trademark office issues trademark for ‘International Window Film Association” (1,851,811 pub. 6-7-1994 Int. Cl. 42)

1995 Accreditation of installers debuts

1996 IWFA board of directors hires Darrell Smith as a consultant

1996 The first IWFA website appears

1997 IWFA appoints Darrell Smith as executive director

1998 Window film (security) placed into General Services Administration budget for securing various federal structures

1998 IWFA adopts Flat Glass Education Guide, Avoiding Glass Failure, and The Use of Window Films on Insulating Glass Windows literature

1999 IWFA approves the Applied Flat Glass Standards for window film

2000 Laboratory tests show window film had no observable effect on performance of high quality insulated glass units

2000 The European Window Film Association is established

2001  Acceptance of the IWFA’s advertising  policy adopted as pre-requisite to membership

2002 Window film’s impact on wired glass study underway

2002 Automotive Education Guide and Safety and Security Education Guide adopted

2003 Advanced Solar Control Education Guide adopted

2003 GSA TS01-2003 – Earthquake Test Adopted

2006  National Fenestration Rating Council approves certification of Window Films

2009 NFRC adds the U-factor energy performance rating for interior-applied films.

2009 IWFA adopts language related to window film and hurricane exposure

2010 Window Film Committee of AIMCAL merged into IWFA

2010 American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 states that homeowners who have film installed by the end of 2010 could earn a tax credit of 30 percent of film cost with a maximum total credit of $1,500

2010 the Members Action Committee is initiated to represent the voice of dealers

2011 IWFA introduces ‘eFilm’ an online portal for approximating ROI of window films installed in commercial settings

2011 Under the auspices of the Members Action Committee educational webinars are offered

2012 California is the First in the Nation to add window film into building code

2012 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration clarifies safety regulations to allow the use of compliant window films on commercial interstate trucks

2013 Full social media program launched

2013 The International Code Council adopts the following language: surface applied window film installed on existing single pane fenestration assembly to reduce solar heat gain, provided the code does require the glazing or fenestration assembly to be replaced.

 2013 National Window Film Day initiated

2014 IWFA adopts language related to bullet-resistant glazing

2014 IWFA View magazine launched

2016 EWFA added as a chapter of the IWFA

2016 California Energy Commission approves a “Window Film Savings Calculator” designed by the IWFA to determine whether an installation project qualifies for funding for energy-efficiency upgrades to educational facilities

2017 Darrell Smith celebrates 20 years with IWFA

2017 IWFA board adopts Endorsed Testing Standards and Methods

2019 IWFA e-View digital newsletter launched

2020 IWFA debuts Google ads program

2020 IWFA issues Visual Quality Standard for Automotive Film

2020 IWFA’s dealer locator sees significant growth, with 18% of web visitors using the service

2021 Virtual accreditation testing system debuts

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