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Accredited Window Film Professionals Have Expertise & Knowledge Every Consumer Should Know. Call An Accredited Dealer Today!

Consumers deserve to connect with a true expert for advice and informed guidance before embarking on any important improvement or investment in their home.  Because of this, the IWFA has established programs to ensure window film professionals are at the top of their game. We hold events every year that include competitions, seminars and accreditation opportunities, and are dedicated to supporting installers and dealers with the latest, most relevant data and guidance to serve consumers.

Window film can be a high-value investment for any home or building, and consumers expect the product represented to them to perform the services and provide the benefits represented to them. That’s the goal of the IWFA’s successful accreditation program for window film professionals. February 28-March 2 will be our Dallas Regional Window Film Association Conference and Competitions event. On the first day, I’m looking forward to once again leading the IWFA Educational Accreditation classes where we share knowledge with industry members looking to grow both personally and professionally in their lives to better understand and truly represent the many benefits of using window films.

The IWFA offers accreditation for these window film professionals that want to stand out from the competition and really prove they are serious about delivering the very best in the industry. At the Dallas event we’ll also be diving deep into the best practices and proven approaches to architectural window film installations, as well as automotive. Leading manufacturers will present demonstrations as well, and there will be round-table presentations and opportunities for networking.

All of the sessions at our Dallas event are geared towards raising the bar in the industry – which we’re always striving for. Working with an IWFA Accredited Specialist assures a consumer that the dealer that they’re working has successfully completed testing on important areas of technical expertise and proper recommendations to consumers. For information on these education programs, please visit our Education Services page or view an updated list of all IWFA Accredited Members.

The IWFA administers all accreditation programs each year, at various industry meetings or as requested by a manufacturer or distributor, or through an online testing service. We want to ensure that as many consumers as possible – all across the country – can get easy access to an informed professional when it comes to selecting an advanced window film that best meets their needs, from security and energy savings to privacy or UV protection.

Think about it – window film can be professionally installed for beautiful and lasting results any time of year. Many people map-out home improvement projects in the winter, and plan to kick things off in the springtime when weather warms-up. But window film installation can happen anytime.  Don’t wait! Get in touch with an accredited professional today, before the “home improvement season” is in full swing this spring.

Unlike projects such as window replacements that  may be invasive, dirty and inconvenient – not to mention virtually impossible in colder weather, window film installation is clean, unobtrusive and can add value to your home without cramping your day-to-day activities even while the installation takes place.

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