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Be Smart About Protecting Skin from UV Damage, Indoors!

In the height of what some may think of as” sun worshipping season” the IWFA is thinking not only about the long, sunny days of late summer – but also about the health and well-being of consumers that may be getting too much UV exposure without even realizing it while they’re indoors.

Recently, the US Surgeon General announced a 200% increase in deadly melanoma cases. This is a sad statistic that we can do something about, and as an unbiased source for consumer facts and data the IWFA wants to help educate consumers about how professionally installed window film can help. It makes a home look great, lowers solar heat gain through windows to reduce cooling costs, and it also reduces UV penetration through windows.

While many people are concerned about the sun fading their furniture and rugs, they should really be putting their health at the forefront as well. Window film is a great solution to address several common homeowner challenges while helping to reduce the chances of their own over-exposure to harmful UV rays.

Many Americans use sunscreen outdoors, but a new medical study shows that melanoma cases have been on the rise for indoor workers in recent decades. Don’t overlook the role that UV rays play in skin damage. Learn more about the variety of great window films on the market today. What many don’t realize is that unprotected windows let harmful UV rays through to skin, where cumulative exposure can lead to problems!

What you don’t know can hurt you!

In addition to being safer about UV exposure in our homes and offices, more people now spend time driving and in offices with unprotected windows. Unfortunately this can lead to more prematurely aged skin and skin health issues.  Studies show people who drive frequently often have pronounced sun damage and skin cancer on their left side (documented in The New England Journal of Medicine) and we want to help consumers avoid this type of unfortunate consequence of over exposure to UV rays.

What can we do to protect our skin?

  • Window film professionally installed on vehicles can stop 99% of damaging UV rays and has added benefits of glare reduction, and holding broken glass in place if it shatters. 
  • At home and work, window films may reduce solar heat by 80 percent, and may cut cooling costs by 30 percent.

•  The nonprofit International Window Film Association (IWFA) offers a free booklet on the cost-effective option of professionally installed window film is can be downloaded here: booklet.

If you haven’t downloaded our free booklets on energy savings and health benefits of window film, don’t miss out on this important information for the sake of your home, and your health. Don’t wait to connect with an accredited dealer to see the wide array of window film options that can help protect you and your family whether you’re at home or in your vehicle.

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