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Give Thanks for Window Film This Year, and Make Your Holiday Table the Most Gorgeous and Enjoyable Ever!

We are officially in the midst of the holiday season, and we hope everyone enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving! While there are so many things you could do to help prepare your home for the holidays, the IWFA has one enhancement to help will make this year’s gatherings the best yet and give you a few extra reasons to be thankful during every season for years to come. Professionally installed window film, of course! Think about this, if your holiday table is near the windows, guests are often racing for the glare-free seats or vying for less sun-blinding positions as they adjust to the angle of the sun as it hangs lower in the sky this time of year. With professionally installed window film, your guests aren’t affected by the sun’s angle. Instead, the only thing your guests will notice is the warm hospitality, and of course your great view, thanks to the significant glare reduction.

Your guests will likely not even realize your windows have film when they feel more relaxed than ever at your home this Thanksgiving. Not to mention, their skin and eyes will be protected at your home, too. When they realize that dangerous UV rays penetrate ordinary glass, but not glass with professionally installed window film, they will be thankful for that as well! Many friends of ours are surprised at first, when they see we have the drapes open wide without worrying about uncomfortable glare or fading the vibrant fabrics in our dining room. They stay bright and beautiful year after year!

When our guests lament on how they’re always cautious about opening their shades when sun is streaming into the house, I love sharing what window film has to offer! I never tire of the amazed look on new friends’ faces when I explain all of the protective benefits of window film. They are usually impressed and quite amazed that they never noticed a difference in the look of our windows!  The visible light comes through, and the damaging UV rays are reduced by up to 99%. That gives everyone great peace of mind when it comes to keeping furniture, rugs, artwork, photographs and of course our skin in tip-top shape!

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