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Happy 2016! Now, Let’s Stick to Our Resolutions….

Happy 2016! I hope you enjoyed ringing in the New Year exactly how you wanted to, and
that 2016 is off to a great start. This time of year can be great. It offers a
lot of inspiration and a chance for us to share our loftiest aspirations for
the year ahead, and a chance for a fresh start. That’s what New Year’s
Resolutions are all about.

But this can be challenging too – as many of our so-called “Resolutions” require a
fair amount of perspiration in one form or another, whether they demand physical
effort, financial outlay, or time allocation. Things worth doing usually don’t
come easy. So, it is especially exciting for me to share with you one great
solution for your home or vehicle that is relatively quick and easy in terms of
both the labor, expense and time involved – and it can help keep quite a few
New Year’s resolutions (for this year and maybe even new resolutions for years
to come)! Yes – professionally installed window film.

If you’ve resolved to be more environmentally conscious, or perhaps consume less
energy – window film can help you achieve this by blocking a tremendous amount
of solar heat gain that comes through ordinary glass into your home. With
professionally installed window film, you won’t miss excessive heat gain, hot
rooms where the larger windows are, or hot spots where a skylight pours in both
gorgeous sunlight along with uncomfortable heat. Instead, you may use less air
conditioning and your home could consume less energy. When your home is a more
consistent temperature throughout – you can potentially save energy and save

If you’ve resolved to take better care of your skin, UV protection is one of the
first thoughts that comes to mind. But many people forget that harmful
cancer-causing UV rays penetrate regular glass (they can wreak havoc on your
décor by fading furnishings and artwork too – but that’s another resolution).
If you’re not wearing sunglasses and sunscreen when you spend time near your
windows, and you’d like to keep your skin youthful and healthy, then you could
benefit by calling your local accredited window film dealer.

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to learn more information about window film than you ever knew was possible! It
might just be the support you need to stick with the ambitious New Year’s
resolutions you’ve made for 2016. Most people are amazed at how quick and
easily window film can be installed, and the potential returns on investment
are very rewarding!

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