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Have a More Relaxing Summer, with Window Film on Your Side

For many of us, the dog days of summer are a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. From hosting barbecues in the back yard at home to taking adventurous road-trips to a fun destination to unwind and have fun – this time of year is when you shouldn’t have any extra worries.

You might not think about it – as it’s such an unobtrusive solution, but window film gives us real peace of mind all year, and especially in the summer months.

When you’re inside your home you want to be comfortable and enjoy your downtime without worrying about UV exposure, skin damage and fading of your furnishings from the summer sunshine streaming through your windows. Today’s advanced window film may help you reduce heat build-up as well, so you can save on cooling costs.

When you’re enjoying a game of catch with the kids in the yard, you want peace of mind knowing that if the ball hits a window, you won’t have shards of glass flying. Your family is better protected by window film in that it helps to hold broken glass in place when it breaks. This is a great benefit in the event of accidental breakage, and a possible deterrent to would-be intruders looking for quick-easy access to a home while the owners are away on summer vacation.

Making memories on family vacations shouldn’t come at the expense of your comfort, health or overall peace of mind. Window film works 24×7 all year – and gives your home an added layer of safety and comfort – not to mention aesthetic sophistication.

And in the car, window film provides so much value as well! Thanks to its solar heat blocking qualities – your car is more comfortable to get into even with the sun beating down on the windows. And your skin may have less UV exposure while riding in a vehicle with professionally installed window film.

If you haven’t downloaded our free booklets on energy savings and health benefits of window film, summer is the perfect time. Don’t wait until next summer to connect with a dealer to protect you, your family, your home and your vehicle with window film. Enjoy the benefits today! You’ll save energy costs, and enjoy the health comfort and peace of mind that window film provides all year.

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