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IWFA Accreditations May Make You Stand Out!

The IWFA offers four accreditations: Solar Control Specialist, Safety and Security Film Specialist, Advanced Solar Control Specialist and Automotive Window Film Specialist. Each of these demonstrates an individual’s comprehension and knowledge of each subject and is earned by passing a proctored test, whether in-person or online.

In a sense, accreditation is a way of demonstrating that an individual has a proven understanding of the selected area of expertise and is potentially head and shoulders above others who have not received accreditation.

Accreditations are open to anyone, especially those in the window film industry, building trades, energy specialists and building and interior designers. To apply for testing visit the IWFA’s accreditation page online. The IWFA’s accreditation testing program includes the study of educational materials, test preparation and an optional topic review, ultimately leading to an exam where at least 80 percent of the questions must be answered correctly.

IWFA accreditations are offered to individuals, not companies. A business owner that has taken the extra step to gain one or more IWFA accreditations may indicate to the prospective buyer the individual’s understanding of a common base of knowledge and its application to the window film service being offered.

Anyone looking to have window film installed may want to consider several selection criteria, such as services offered by the company, warrantees for the installation and products, whether the business or individual installers are members of the IWFA, customer references, and if their business shows the IWFA accreditation icons when searching for a nearby business in the IWFA’s business locator service.

As a customer of professional window film installation services, looking for the IWFA label on the window film product itself will indicate that the product has been tested and meets certain criteria.  Among these criteria, being tested through the National Fenestration Rating Council for the product’s certified energy saving ability is certainly one thing to look for. In addition, IWFA membership shows that the business is committed to promoting the professionalism of the window film industry and has agreed to the advertising and ethics policies of the IWFA. Finally, seeing that the installers have earned accreditation in the service areas they are installing, whether it’s automotive window film or window films for windows, doors and skylights may all help you to determine your selection.

All these things certainly ‘add-up’ when you are making a choice about a business, or if you are in the business, all of these criteria may add-up to more sales.