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Lesson to Learn: Don’t let things get ‘scary’ this Halloween! Professionally installed window film is the protection you need

This is a fun time of year! Kids are thinking about costumes and spooky pranks to celebrate the season of autumn and Halloween to kick things off! When you really think about it though – things can get scary if you don’t keep your family protected at home. Window film is a great way to ensure things don’t actually get creepy this season, and all year round. Here are a few things to think about.

Windows are the eyes to your home’s soul – your family! So don’t let them go unprotected. Enjoy natural light and great views, and save on electricity by using day-lighting – but don’t do it without thinking of how over exposure to UV rays can wreak havoc on our furniture, drapery, artwork and most importantly our delicate skin and eyes! Treasures you own are important – but our health is of utmost concern and too much exposure to damaging UV rays can cause more than just cosmetic damage.

Americans spend billions on anti-aging prevention and remedies that claim to reverse aging – and you know the wise expression, “an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! Wouldn’t you be scared if you knew that you were exposing your skin and décor to unnecessary UV rays that could lead to premature wrinkles, fading or worse? Well with most ordinary windows that is precisely the case.

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Stay as young looking as you feel by protecting from damaging UV rays while enjoying the natural light and views that your windows offer you thanks to professionally installed window film. In addition – you can enjoy all this without the nasty glare that often starts becoming problematic this time of year when the sun is lower in the horizon and the leaves start to leave our shade trees.

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Don’t be tricked into thinking that window film is just for keeping your home comfortable in hot sunny summer months. It is a great home improvement that delivers wonderful treats all year. With an accredited dealer working with you, you will have less to worry you. Find a professional in our dealer locator, and you’ll have a Happy Halloween and a more comfortable, safer and healthier home that won’t give anyone the creeps!