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Love Your Home Like Never Before this Valentine’s Day; with Window Film

What do you love most in life? Celebrate it with a unique and thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day! The people close to you, your family, your home, your health and vitality – this is what comes to mind for many. And this is why I love to share information about professionally installed window film this time of year.

This is my passion and I love sharing facts, dispelling myths and helping more consumers learn about all the great benefits this advanced solution can bring to them. There is so much to love about window film, and many consumers are just starting to become familiar with it.

It helps make indoor temperatures more consistent all year (especially in summer when cooling costs can be significant due to hot-spots and solar heat gain), cuts sun glare in winter when sun is low on the horizon, and contributes to protecting your furnishings, décor and your skin from damaging UV rays all year. I can’t think of another product that delivers so many benefits and so much value.

A key goal of the IWFA is to help educate consumers about window film and how it works. Use our Installer Locator on this website to connect with an IWFA dealer in your area. They can answer your questions about specific applications. They can also help you select a great looking film that can be installed quickly, easily and give long-lasting results.

Here’s our idea for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to remember! 

Pick up your favorite box of chocolates or a bouquet of fresh flowers, and along with a sweet card, tuck in our consumer booklets on energy savings and health benefits of window film (they can be downloaded free from our website). Let your sweetheart know that this year your gift will show how much you love them year-round, for years to come, and give the gift of professionally installed window film.

This may not be the most obvious Valentine’s Day gift, but it is one that is definitely appreciated by smart homeowners! Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember, with a gift that is much more impressive than “just a box of chocolates” and one the recipient will enjoy for many years to come.

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