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Make a Big Improvement in 2014 and Experience Ongoing Returns, With Window Film

2014 is right around the corner. It’s a time of year to reflect on the past and take a fresh look at what’s ahead – what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve where you can. The IWFA is here for consumers that want to consider how to make a cost-effective improvement on their home that will deliver a return on investment in spades.

Window Film is a home improvement that offers benefits in so many areas – almost everyone I talk to about window film’s benefits has something new to learn! How many products can you think of that have potential to deliver energy savings in A/C season, glare reduction all year, security (keeping any broken windows in-place rather than allowing shattered glass shards to scatter throughout your home if a window is broken) and UV protection for your home décor, artwork and your skin in all seasons. Today’s professionally installed window film is really that impressive!

For many people, a home is a once in a lifetime purchase, the biggest single investment they’ll ever make, by far. So tap the IWFA as a resource to learn about how window film can make a home more comfortable, safer, and more cost-efficient. Our mission is to provide consumers with unbiased facts- so they can lower their home’s operating costs and enhance the beauty of it at the same time.

For instance, with window film on their windows, people really enjoy opening the shades without worrying about the sunlight fading their photographs, rugs and furnishings. A friend of mine always used to hesitate if it was too sunny – concerned that their new sofa would be a “faded memory” and treasured family photos from previous generations displayed on the wall would be irrecoverably ruined if they let the sun shine directly through the windows. Before having window film installed, they missed out on some bright beautiful days, hiding behind curtains.

Now, they have a barely noticeable window film on their windows and it looks flawless! They relax and let the sun stream in, with the comfort in knowing window film protects their interior just like it does with irreplaceable national treasures like the U.S. Constitution, or artwork in the National Gallery. More homeowners should know about this!

Acquaintances of mine that live near a golf course feel a little safer knowing that if a ball hits and shatters their window, it won’t send glass flying like sharp projectiles through the living room. Even if the window were broken, window film gives them peace of mind, knowing that at least a broken window would be held securely in place by the window film.

I wish all of our readers a happy New Year, and if you’re interested in improving your home with window film to have a more cost-effective and comfortable home in future years – let us know if you have questions! We are here to help you ring in 2014 with solutions that will bring you many happy returns.