Modern building in Paris

May is Historic Preservation Month

Significant plots of land. Original paper documents. Historical homes. From Massachusetts to Virginia, our beautiful country has much history to be preserved.

In the United States, May is Historic Preservation Month. Celebrated annually to help raise awareness of preservation efforts and draw public attention to historically significant locations, the month helps direct people towards properties that to this day hold a piece of our country’s history. And for many, these snapshots into history are the locations of their homes and businesses!

Owning a historic property can be very rewarding. It can help open the door to learning more about the area where you live and work. That said, historic homes also come with their own set of challenges – primarily how to honor the building’s history while still maintaining today’s quality of life.

Older homes are typically inefficient due to age and poor insulation. Windows can be particularly problematic, accounting for 15 to 30 percent of the total heating load and up to 50 percent of the cooling load during the warmer months.

And while replacing a window may seem like an easy fix, it’s often not an option due to structural or historic considerations, government regulations, or simply because the windows are not made or manufactured anymore.

Those looking to improve their home’s efficiency, while still preserving its vintage look and feel, would do well to consider professionally installed window film. With the ability to be installed on virtually any window, regardless of size and shape, or age, window film offers benefits such as blocking solar heat and blocking up to 99% of UV rays.

The IWFA has developed an eBook entitled “Making Window Film History” detailing the specific benefits of professionally installed window film for historic buildings. I encourage you to download and review this resource during Historic Preservation Month and share it with your friends! And, if you live or work within one of these historically significant locations and are looking for an energy efficiency boost, I encourage you to visit our Business Locator to connect with a local, accredited window film installer near you.