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National Window Film Day is April 30!

From Utah to Massachusetts, governors across the country are joining the International Window Film Association in declaring April 30th National Window Film Day (NWFD)! This year marks the fourth NWFD, and we are happy to continue furthering knowledge of the many benefits of professionally installed window film.

From increased energy efficiency to protection from 99% of UV rays, professionally installed window film has much to offer for homeowners, business owners, and car owners!

This year, as a part of our IWFA celebration of NWFD, we are sharing a new “Go Green and Save Green” infographic. This new resource highlights how window film is a great home improvement idea to help you save money and save the environment.

By increasing your home’s energy efficiency, window film can help save you money by ultimately reducing heating and cooling costs and may help your home be eligible for “Go Green” energy rebates. From an environmental standpoint, a professional installation of window film can reduce your carbon footprint and the need to replace older windows outright. So, before you choose to replace your older windows, know that window film may be a better option for you!

I invite you to join us in celebrating NWFD this year by sharing our new infographic with your friends and family – whether via email, on social media, or in person. Another great way to celebrate NWFD is by scheduling a professional installation for your home, office, or car. With warmer temperatures and more sunshine just around the corner, now is the time to visit our website and Find An Installer near you!

For more on how to get involved with NWFD and more information on the International Window Film Association, please visit the IWFA website.