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Not Your Father’s Window Film

How often do we find ourselves giving Dad presents that ultimately create more work for him? A new leaf blower for fall clean up. A new chainsaw to take down that old tree. A new paint sprayer for when he gets around to repainting the living room… Hey, it’ll make the job easier for him, right?

Next time you’re looking for a present for Dad, why not give him a break and instead give him something a professional needs to install – window film! Not only will you be taking something off of his “to do” list, but you’ll be giving him an extra day on the golf course, out on the lake, or just lounging on the couch.

Today’s window film is far more technologically advanced then when window film was first invented in the 1960’s. Gone are the days of bubbled, purple, metallic film. UV protection has increased. Color options now vary. And there are even security enhancing films.

Whether you are looking for a clear, transparent window film or a darkly tinted color, the films are custom installed and will offer protection from up to 99% of dangerous UV-A rays.

Another window film perk Dad will appreciate is the opportunity to start saving on cooling and heating costs. By blocking more than 80% of solar energy from coming through your windows, you will prevent uncomfortable hotspots and regulate inconsistent temperatures throughout your house. A professional installation of window film could also mean up to a 30% reduction in cooling costs! (Now, you’d be saving Dad money, too.)

Looking for your local, accredited window film installer? Just visit the Business Locator page and enter your zip code. For more information on the importance and benefits of window film, be sure to read our Window Film – Surprising Facts You Need To Know eBooklet.

While today’s advanced window films are certainly not your father’s window film, that is exactly why they should be!