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Show the Love To Your Home

Love and Protect Your Home’s Comfort, Beauty & Value
Homeowners often don’t know where to begin in the process of protecting the investment they’ve made in a home, and enhancing it in a way that will return value year after year. They want to care for their home in the best possible way, but there are so many projects on our “to do” lists. It’s hard to know where to begin.

Many of our home improvement ideas can be really disruptive to daily life in a home – or extremely expensive to produce a significant change we’d like to see. Others may be appealing to us aesthetically, but won’t deliver measurable returns on investment. One sure bet to show your home love now and in the future, is professional installation of window film. In many ways it's a gift to your home that gives back to you many times over!

Many people end up spending too much money on cooling costs due to rooms with large windows causing severe solar heat gain. This puts us in a tough position – we love the view and the natural light, but the heat is too much! Professionally installed window film can reduce solar heat gain without changing the look of the windows at all. So you can open the drapes and take in the view without stress related to soaring cooling costs. Your guests won’t notice any change to how your windows look, but they’ll be more comfortable than ever in your home.

Of course – there is so much more to sun shining in through your windows than just the visible light itself. UV rays can cause major damage to furnishings and your skin too. Another great benefit of professionally installed window film is that it can reduce up to 99% of UV rays. This is a way to show the love not only to your home, but the people you share it with. We spend untold amounts on anti-aging crèmes and sunscreens, sunglasses and more. So
consider investing in window film and you could see your investment provide potential rewards back to you in terms of healthier skin, furnishings and
artwork that retains its vibrancy longer, and cooling costs that aren’t through the roof due to solar heat. 


The IWFA is here for you as a resource to learn more about this great home enhancement. Many consumers are amazed when they start to educate themselves on this advanced product, and realize it’s more beautiful and impressive than they knew! This isn’t your grandfather’s window film. With technological advances in recent years – it can meet even the highest aesthetic standards, and deliver impressive benefits at the same time. A new heating system is functional, but few would say beautiful. A new oriental rug is gorgeous but perhaps not the most utilitarian enhancement to your home. Window film delivers both beauty and practicality – a great way to show your home the love.

Check out the dealer locator on the IWFA website and join our Facebook and Twitter communities to learn more information about window film than you ever knew was possible! It might just be the support you need to stick with the ambitious New Year’s resolutions you’ve made for 2016. Most people are amazed at how easily window film can be professionally installed, and the potential returns on investment may be enjoyed for many years to come! 

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