A woman and her baby looking out a window

Skin Cancer Rates Are Rising –

A key motivation the International Window Film Association (IWFA) initiated National Window Film Day in 2014 was based on a national survey conducted for the IWFA. The poll revealed 65% of Americans aged 18-34 were unaware they are exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays that passes through unprotected glass windows.

This age group and younger may be most impacted on a cumulative basis from the sun’s harmful UV rays that may lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and damage the eyes. On ordinary single pane glass windows, 89% of the sun’s total solar impact is transmitted into the interior.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports the skin cancer rate is rising. Here is the CDC report: https://gis.cdc.gov/Cancer/USCS/DataViz.html In Canada skin cancer rates are on the increase as well.

ALL QUALITY WINDOW FILMS BLOCK 99% OF THE SUN’s UV RAYS. When indoors, there is no need to apply creams, wear special clothing or anything other than having window film professionally installed to nearly stop UV exposure.

There are many other benefits of window films such as saving energy, reducing interior fading, offering a measure of increased security and enhancing the curb appeal of buildings and vehicles. But health safety is one of the most important benefits of window films. 

Before you place a child in front of a widow to enjoy sunlight, sit at a desk in an office or get in a vehicle; ask first if the glass has window film on it. This thought is no different than when you step outside, you may check to be sure you and your child have sunblock cream applied or you have on UV blocking sunglasses protecting your eyes.

The IWFA felt it important therefore to educate about all of window film benefits so people can save money, improve the look of buildings and vehicles, increase safety and, importantly, protect skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

National Window Film Day, celebrated on April 30 is supported industry-wide and designed so any organization, business or individual can get involved and be informed.