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Spring Ahead with Knowledge and Savings this Season

We’re really looking forward to the first National Window Film Day, which will take place this year on April 30th. It is the perfect opportunity to learn everything you need to know about one of the most tremendous home improvements money can buy. It keeps providing return on investment in so many ways! From making your home more comfortable, healthier and safer to saving you serious money on your energy bills.

April 30th will be a day of public education focusing on a cost-effective solution for saving energy costs in homes, protecting skin and home decor from the sun’s damaging UV rays and to promote window safety. “National Window Film Day” will inform all citizens of the benefits of this affordable technology, and we encourage our members to participate as well as everyone in the industry,” said John Parker, president of the IWFA.

As part of National Window Film Day, the IWFA is offering several free booklets on the energy savings and health benefits of window film on its website located at In addition, there will be informational videos and articles to better inform the public about window film.

Once installed, window film can offer year-round savings of about 5 to 10 percent of the home’s total energy bill, and in the coming weeks the IWFA will conduct new research to better understand consumer awareness about window film and its energy saving benefits, and we look forward to sharing the results. Stay tuned here for our blog to share the latest data and findings!

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