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Spring Into Comfort with Window Film This Year

Spring has sprung and it is Window Film season! There are so many reasons more people than ever think of this time of year as the perfect time to address the issues window film helps to solve.
As weather warms up, window film is proven to be an excellent way to reduce the transmission of solar heat into your home through glass. Everyone enjoys warmer weather, but without professionally installed window film, the price we pay to stay cool inside can add up quickly.
For Mothers Day, think about a gift of professionally installed window film. Window film, once installed, may hardly change the look of her windows – and she can still enjoy the benefits that today’s advanced window film offers, such a more comfortable, consistent temperature inside (even with large windows that let in a lot of sunlight), and how her eyes aren’t straining due to the glare that sometimes can result from direct sunlight through a big window. The beauty is sometimes in what you don’t notice – harsh glare, hot spots and fading! Another great Mother’s Day idea is professional window film installation for her vehicle. This can make a nice ride a really wonderful one, by keeping the cabin temperature more comfortable and consistent, reducing glare and helping to protect the vehicle’s interior from UV fading (not to mention the important protection of mom’s skin and eyes). She won’t have to worry about applying sunscreen before a long drive, because window film blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays.
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