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The Industry Is Ready To Bounce Forward – Not Just Back

The IWFA is launching an unprecedented marketing program called Operation: Rock N’Roll to provide local window film shops with marketing tools and support to help them ‘bounce forward’ from the recent economic setback caused by the COVID-19 emergency.

Materials and strategies are being finalized and will be available to ALL in the industry. The IWFA will be sending out its newsletter from the Members Action Committee called the IWFA View e-newsletter. In it you will find links and updates on the new program. If you do not already subscribe to the IWFA’s newsletter please sign-up right now at the bottom corner of this web page under ‘IWFA Newsletter’. Already underway with the support of the IWFA board and its Communications Committee area:

* Google ads that directly link to the IWFA business locator

* Marketing materials such as unbranded door hangers and newspaper flyer inserts that dealers can customize and inexpensively print

* A 5-minute consumer video that discusses how window films are rated

* A new camera-ready article for local newspapers across North America – already being distributed

* A series of talking points to help dealers communicate their safety protocols with their customers

For many in the industry the most recent months may have been trying times. Uncertainty would be the main culprit that caused concern and forced smaller businesses to temporarily close as they may not have been deemed ‘essential’ service during the COVID-19 crisis.

Business owners need to know what tomorrow holds and even the next several months before they can continue investing and supporting their business. But with so many different and contrary predictions about the impact of the health pandemic, there was little assurance of what to expect from one day to the next, and looking ahead 30-90 days out was out of the question.

But now, there is a little more clarity on operating a business, while still keeping your employees and customers safe.

In fact, there are some factors that could be working in favor of the industry. With homeowners and their children remaining at home to work and for study, they have had more time to evaluate their home office spaces and their homes in general.

A recent survey by a home improvement website called Houzz found that, for many people, one side effect of sheltering in place has been looking at their homes with fresh eyes and realizing they want to improve how the homes function and feel. In fact, nearly 4 in 5 homeowners (79%) reported that they were thinking about making changes that could help them enjoy their homes more, according to the survey.

Many people are returning to offices. This presents another opportunity as the latest thinking is that buildings need to bring in more outdoor air to lessen the chance that recycled air may spread the COVID-19 virus.  Delivering more fresh air in conditioned indoor settings is extremely energy intensive, especially in older, poorly insulated, and leaky buildings that have not been brought up to newer energy performance standards.  This will lead to greater energy use. Window film is a smart retrofit that can reduce the sun’s impact on a building, particularly a glass office tower.

In the automotive window film tint area, some dealers are offering to pick-up and return cars for the customer, so the customer never has to come in contact with the dealer or its employees. And cars are being sanitized as well before they are given back to the customer.