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The Rules of The Road – For Your Protection

It’s been a while since I completed driver education and passed the driver’s test so I can drive. What I learned then has stuck with me and it has also kept me safe and saved me money too – no traffic infractions to pay and the associated insurance surcharges.

I also make sure my vehicle is ‘up to code’, meaning that I do my best to maintain it. When I go to the shop for an oil change, I make sure my tires have enough tread to handle the occasional harsh conditions that I drive. Also that my wiper blades can squeegee away rain and snow to keep the windshield clear, as well as knowing that my brake pads are in good shape to provide even braking.

To provide additional safety I have window film installed on all my windows, except the windshield. Window film helps to keep me safe in a number of ways. It reduces glare, so the sun doesn’t hit me so hard on the driver’s side window. I wear sunglasses, but to have the hot sun hitting the side of my face still made me squint and feel uncomfortable.

Window film also helps to keep my skin and eyes safe as well, as any quality window film, whether clear or tinted, will block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. I say harmful, because they penetrate the skin and eyes and damage the cells, which may lead to cancer, cataracts and at the very least – more wrinkles.

In addition window films may prevent the car’s safety glass from harming occupants should the glass be broken. An item on the roadway that is directed by accident to a car window may shatter it causing small glass pellets to shower an occupant. Window films help to hold glass together should it be impacted by any number of things.

Finally, I also save some on gas – it’s hard to measure, but it does keep my vehicle’s interior noticeable cooler, so my A/C doesn’t have to work as hard on a hot day.  Window film, whether clear or tinted is a good investment in my and my passengers’ safety and also good for my vehicle.  Learn what level of tint is legal in your area for your vehicle by visiting our Vehicle Tint Law Charts here: