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Welcome to Summertime and the Wonders of Today’s Advanced Window Film!

At last, summer weather is here! Its getting hot, hot, hot and its time to get in touch with an accredited window film dealer in your area if you want to spend less money on cooling costs than you did last year.

On the heels of April 30th, National Window Film Day, a day of public education focusing on a cost-effective solution for saving energy costs, protecting skin and decor from damaging UV rays and promoting window safety – we urge you to take action. Don’t let another summer come and go without adding the benefits of window film.

Think about this. Do you or someone you know have a room that offers plentiful natural light with lots of windows? Its fine when temperatures are cooler outside, but when summer comes – rooms without window film can become hot boxes that are unbearable to spend time in.

And, if you have some rooms with lots of windows and others that don’t have as many or which are shaded by landscaping – you might have a hard time keeping temperatures in your home consistent from room to room. This all adds up to really high energy consumption, and bills!

Even window film that doesn’t noticeably change the look of your windows offers solar heat blocking properties, which keep your rooms from baking even when the sunlight is streaming through on a hot summer day. This means lower energy use and savings on cooling costs.

An added bonus is these films also block harmful UV rays so your skin is better protected from premature aging while your furnishings, rugs and artwork have more protection against fading.

While you’re thinking about window film during the summer for your home – also think about it for your family car as well. Wouldn’t it be great if when everyone packs into the car for a summer vacation trip, you have the peace of mind knowing your family is safer from damaging UV rays, and the cabin of the car will be more comfortable? In addition, you may be able to opt for a darker tint in the rear of your car for more privacy and a sophisticated look.  Check out the IWFA’s automotive state law charts to determine what is legal in your area:

If you haven’t already downloaded our free booklets on the energy savings and health benefits of window film, now is the time to do so. The bookletsare packed with information on the many benefits window film delivers. You’ll notice that many of those advantages are even better during the hotter months of the year! So connect with an accredited dealer to protect you, your family and your home.

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