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What The IWFA Logo Means For Consumers

Many professions have an association. Some professions require membership and certification or a license in order to work in the profession. Examples are: Accountants, Architects, Therapists, Teachers, Engineers, Nurses and many others. The window film industry is one of the few professions available where certification or licensing may not be required. In some locations, such as California, a contractor’s or remodeler’s license may be needed.

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is a nonprofit industry body of window film dealers, distributors, and manufacturers that facilitates the growth of the window film industry through education, research, advocacy and public awareness. The IWFA is the largest international association in the industry and it works diligently to ensure that information about what window film can and cannot do is based on facts and research.

Some of the key activities of the IWFA include: to act as a cohesive voice for the window film industry,  serving as a ‘watchdog / guard dog’ of the industry, encouraging research and development of new products, offer training, education and support for installers and dealers, promote and maintain strong industry standards and ethics and represent and advocate for the industry before governing bodies.

Membership in the IWFA is one way of recognizing that there’s no ‘free lunch’ in business and those that participate in the IWFA show they also appreciate what the organization has done for the benefit of all in the industry.

For consumers, when they are looking for someone to install window film on a building or vehicle, the IWFA logo displayed on the window film business website and promotional materials may add a greater level of credibility for the business. It means the business displaying the IWFA logo recognizes a range of IWFA guidance for advertising and professional ethics, window film installation methodologies and educational opportunities.

In addition to setting the pace for industry guides and policies, the IWFA offers accreditation programs for its members. To the consumer, IWFA members that have taken the extra step of becoming accredited in a range of window film uses, such as solar control film, safety / security window film and automotive window film, may have a greater knowledge base than an individual in business that has not taken the extra step.

IWFA accreditation assures the customer that the individual installing window films has successfully completed testing on important areas of technical and installation knowledge. The IWFA’s dealer locator featured on this website shows the accreditations achieved for the individual business listed.

So, when you look for window film, look for the IWFA logo and you may be more assured that you are getting the best service and quality product possible.