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Why the IWFA Matters and Why Industry Members Should Join Us

The International Window Film Association, is a global nonprofit industry association. One of its key missions is to ensure that what is stated and promised about the performance of window film is as accurate as reasonably possible.

Remember the early days of the Internet and the companies that were formed based on hype, promises and expectations that never materialized?

In the late 1990s, it was possible for a dot-com company to receive high valuations merely by listing on the stock market, even if they had little prospects to turn a profit. Then in early 2000, many businesses that had huge market-valuations based almost solely on the fact they were ‘on the internet’ essentially disappeared overnight as people realized the businesses had little value and dim future prospects.

The ‘wild west of the Internet’ mostly came to an end, ultimately through consumer awareness, new laws and self-regulation. Businesses worked toward being more disciplined, transparent and to deliver on what they promised.

Here at the IWFA, I am so proud to be part of an industry trade association and its members that work diligently to encourage marketing claims about products and product performance which are supported by documentation or research to back-up what is being stated.

Take a look at the IWFA’s board of directors. Here you will see represented some of the leading companies in the world and people who care about the industry, its reputation and its customers. Customers come in all forms from large commercial office complexes, to government facilities, to residential homes, schools and automobiles.

What they all have in common is the window films that are being professionally installed by IWFA member companies are rated for their performance by independent, recognized technical testing and reporting companies which are certified and also do the same types of testing and ratings on windows, doors and skylights. This is just another reason we like to say, “When you look for window film, look for the IWFA logo”. If you are in the window film industry get in touch to learn about the benefits of being an IWFA member and what the industry means when we join together to lift all boats!