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Window Film Installation, Distribution and Manufacture Is Essential

Window Film Installation, Distribution and Manufacture Is Essential

Construction and remodeling activities may be considered essential work and those involved in it as critical workers in many areas. Federal officials understand they are critical to the nation’s infrastructure and economy and steps can be taken so that construction activity may continue in a way that strives to protect workers and the public from coronavirus.

Yet, a weekly survey by the Associated General Contractors of America reported out on March 20 showed 28% of contractors faced delayed or halted projects. A week later their March 27 survey with 1,600 respondents revealed the figure had jumped to 39%. The most common reason for given for the slowdown was delayed supplies and one-third of the contractors were warned that deliveries would be delayed in the future as well.

It is important where practical that our nation’s infrastructure is kept up and that if physically possible, that supplies get through to where they are needed. Window film plays an important role in improving our existing buildings by potentially upgrading older windows, doors and skylights to today’s energy and safety standards. With buildings contributing significant amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, window film offers a most cost-effective solution toward curbing those emissions and helping owners to meet various mandated energy codes.

Earlier the IWFA recommended a number of steps that those in the window film industry may use to help protect their workforce, such as printing out copies of the CDC recommendations, posting them in key areas of the business and giving it to staff to read and take home to share. The CDC and White House recommendations can be found here: CDC. Employees can be instructed that if they go out on a sales call or to perform an installation, they have a right to ask the customer if they feel well and, if the customer doesn’t feel well, they should call the office to reschedule the sales call or installation. The IWFA’s summaries of government programs can be found here: summaries.

We are proud of all involved in the window film industry who are helping to improve our present building stock and will continue in our efforts to educate the public and professionals on the essential advantages of window films. We pray that in time the present health crisis will pass and work can once again resume.