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Why Professional Installation is Best

Author: Anonym/Thursday, February 1, 2018/Categories: Home Page (Left), Window Film Applications

Professionally installed films look better longer and are usually more likely to perform to specifications for their warranted lives, or even longer, than those improperly installed. Professional dealer / installers have the resources and recommendations from their window film manufacturers to use in assisting customers in selecting the correct film for the particular windows and also can specify the product benefits desired by that customer.

Whether you need window film for car windows, a building or for decorative or security reasons, this website is your guide to learning about window film and its many benefits.

Professional dealer / installers have experience and / or training which can help them to identify unique or unusual circumstances which may affect either the installation or performance of a particular product in a given situation and might not otherwise be noticed.

The warranties offered on quality films installed by professional dealer installers usually cover costs of removal, costs of replacement film, and costs of reinstallation. Window films purchased elsewhere will likely only be covered for costs of replacement film in the event of a problem or product failure.

Remember that the best film installed improperly or used in a situation where a professional dealer installer might not otherwise install that particular film will likely not live up to the customer's expectations.

IWFA accredited dealer / installers have gone the extra mile to receive further training and have passed a test developed and administered by the IWFA. 


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