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Window Film Applications

Window Film Applications

Residential Window Film

Author: Anonym/Thursday, February 1, 2018/Categories: Residential

When it comes to insulating your home against heat and cold, a window is like a "hole-in-the-wall". In summer, ordinary glass lets the sun's heat penetrate your home, making you and your family very uncomfortable and forcing your air conditioner to work harder. In winter, glass panes lose a substantial amount of your home's heat. 

Solar control window film applied to the interior of your windows is a transparent "solar shield" that can reject up to 80% of the sun's heat. In summer your home is cooler and more comfortable, so you can save on energy bills. In winter, some window films trap room heat for year -round comfort. 

Solar control window films are available with a scratch resistant coating and in a variety of elegant tints like bronze and gray, and in neutral tones that appear virtually invisible on your windows.


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