Mission, Vision & Objectives


To function as the leading European association for Window Film with a broad and growing membership base encompassing various levels of the Window Film value chain with the capacity to provide technical and advisory services to members and non-members.



Have window film accepted as highly-effective and economical glazing enhancement solutions for automotive and building applications in the areas of energy, safety and security.



In order to promote the acceptance of window film the EWFA addresses the following specific objectives:

  • Increase awareness of window film towards policy-makers and get window film included in all relevant legislation and initiatives.
  • Strategically defend the use of window film where rules, regulations or practises are limiting its use and capitalise on opportunities arising out of EU policy developments.
  • Give input to appropriate Bodies to encourage adoption of industry-accepted standards in the local and regional rules and regulations which are being or planned to be published.
  • Neutral representation of the window film industry as required.
  • Provide a forum of discussion for issues of industry concern.



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