EWFA Annual Membership Meeting, 23 January 2020, Munich

EWFA held successfully its third Annual Membership Meeting last week in Munich. During this one-day event, EWFA members were delighted to attend presentations from peer organisations such as its long-term partner ETO (European Tuning Organisation), CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), GEWA (General Wrapping Association) or E1 Energiemanagement...

Solar Control and Energy Savings

Fact Sheet for Consumers

Untreated glazing offers little protection against solar energy, allowing excessive visible light (glare), infra-red (heat) and UV (ultra violet) to pass through, bringing with them a wide array of challenges. Window Film can alleviate many solar control issues whilst retaining the view through the window.  They are non-disruptive to install and maintain, and require no human intervention to operate.  

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