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The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is an educational resource for consumers and industry professionals seeking to learn more about the many benefits of window films.

What You Need To Know About Indoor Sun Protection

Indoor Sun Protection Youtube Video IconThe IWFA took to the streets of California to see what people really know about indoor sun protection.  Their comments may surprise you!
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Cost-effective window films offer a high-tech and cost-effective way to control energy use, provide safety benefits and protect both your skin and furnishings. View More Videos >>


A Consumer Guide To Rating Window Film

This 5-minute video takes a consumer step-by-step from the process of realizing their cooling system isn't keeping up with the sun's heat, to finding a local dealer and installer of window film to learning how window films are rated for ability to repel solar heat gain. Hint: Just like glass windows.


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Window Film News

Medical Professionals Suggest Car Window Film Tint For UV Protection

  Washington, D.C. – May 26, 2020 – With a growing body of medical professionals recommending window film tint to protect automotive vehicle occupants from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) has produced a guideline for inspecting professionally installed automotive window film tint. The guideline, which...
May 26, 2020 0 Comments

Window Film Provides A Protective Shield

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) representing leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers of window film, is saluting National Window Film Day (NWFD) on April 30th, a day of public education focused on window film as a protective shield  that may reduce energy costs, protect the skin and home decor from the sun’s damaging UV rays and offer...
April 20, 2020 0 Comments

'My View' Blog

February Offers Great Reasons to Think about the Benefits of Window Film

Since the groundhog saw his shadow this year, it looks like we are in for at least a few more weeks of winter. But as we bundle up against the cold, don’t forget that we can enjoy the benefits of professionally installed window film no matter the season or weather.   Given that temperatures are going to remain low for a while, even as the sun is shining...
February 13, 2017 0 Comments

An Exciting View Ahead for the New Year

It’s the beginning of another new year, the time when many of us think about ways to improve our lives and our homes.   When it comes to home improvement projects, who doesn’t love an interior that lets the sunshine in? Many of today’s architectural designs incorporate large windows so families can enjoy more natural, bright light. It can look...
January 18, 2017 0 Comments



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