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The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is an educational resource for consumers and industry professionals seeking to learn more about the many benefits of window films.

What You Need To Know About Indoor Sun Protection

Indoor Sun Protection Youtube Video IconThe IWFA took to the streets of California to see what people really know about indoor sun protection.  Their comments may surprise you!
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Cost-effective window films offer a high-tech and cost-effective way to control energy use, provide safety benefits and protect both your skin and furnishings. View More Videos >>


A Consumer Guide To Rating Window Film

This 5-minute video takes a consumer step-by-step from the process of realizing their cooling system isn't keeping up with the sun's heat, to finding a local dealer and installer of window film to learning how window films are rated for ability to repel solar heat gain. Hint: Just like glass windows.


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Window Film News

Window Film Reduces Peak Energy Demand

Long Lasting Window Films May Give Utilities Load Flexibility To Reduce Power Demand and Rolling Blackouts Washington, D.C. – September 2, 2020 - California authorities issued the first rolling blackouts in 20 years that turned power off to over 400,000 homes in order to cope with peak energy demand in the midst of historic heatwaves, but the professional...
September 2, 2020 0 Comments

High Percentage of Commuters Unaware of Cancer-Causing Sun Rays While Driving

Washington, D.C. – July 6, 2020 -  The International Window Film Association (IWFA), conducted a national survey asking; ‘When a car's windows are closed are you safe from the sun's UVA rays?’ and nearly one in four of the 500 respondents erroneously believe they are safe from the sun’s harmful UVA rays that may often lead to skin...
July 6, 2020 0 Comments

'My View' Blog

Stay Cool and Stay Safe!

Whether you have your air conditioner on high or have surrounded yourself with oscillating fans, it's official... things are heating up around here! There comes a point in the summer where the need to be cool and comfortable outweighs the dread of your upcoming electricity bill. In search of an affordable option for relief? Well, you have come to the right...
July 25, 2016 0 Comments

Not Your Father's Window Film

How often do we find ourselves giving Dad presents that ultimately create more work for him? A new leaf blower for fall clean up. A new chainsaw to take down that old tree. A new paint sprayer for when he gets around to repainting the living room... Hey, it'll make the job easier for him, right?   Next time you're looking for a present for Dad, why not...
June 22, 2016 0 Comments



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