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IWFA History Corner

2021 Adds Up To 30 Years of EMPOWERING The Industry!

This year is the 30th anniversary of the IWFA. As we look back over 3 decades of empowering our industry, we know that we have had a number of successes and, at the same time, we know that there will be more challenges in the years ahead.

Why was the IWFA started? What are our various successes, and what was the impact on our industry? What are our challenges and opportunities, both short-term and long-term, as we continue to move forward?

Through an accelerated communications campaign, we will address these areas, along with some new items, under the theme “Did You Know?“. Using the IWFA View [our digital newsletter] and our various social media platforms, we are hopeful that the wealth of information we will be imparting in the coming months will help our dealer and distributor members, and also encourage others to join the IWFA, as our trade association continues to empower and support our industry in this continuing period of growth.

Our best Dealer is a well-educated Dealer and, through the information that we will be disseminating, and with the programs that are currently in place, we hope to increase the number of “Best Dealers” and grow our membership. Through all of this, we want to provide increased value to all of our members.

Jack Mundy |  IWFA President