Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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The Business Locator - A Key Member Benefit!

For dealers, personal referrals are right at the top of the list but, at the same time, it is every dealer’s dream to have a source of qualified quality leads on an ongoing basis.

The IWFA Business Locator facility [subcategory Window Film Installers] is the answer to this dream!

Please consider the following:

- Traffic to the IWFA website continues to increase on a month over month basis.

- Over the last 10 months consumers and potential customers accessed the dealer Business Locator option 6910 times [an average of 700 per month]!

- Consumers view the IWFA website as an unbiased 3rd party credible source for detailed product and application information.

- The IWFA website identifies dealer members by City and ZIP Code; for Canada, the search is done by Province and then the City.

- If an individual [member or not] has passed any accreditation test, that individual’s name is put into a listing of All Accredited Persons.

- If the company with which an individual is associated is an IWFA member company, the accreditation information is added to that member company’s file in the membership database.

- Theory is always great but what do dealer members think of this important facility?

From Steve Fricker of Pro-Tint in the Carolinas….. “It was apparent to me that the leads alone would compel me to want to be a member to get my business in front of more people searching for window film”.

From Jim Freeman of Tint America in Denver……” Customers referred through the IWFA dealer locator are more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of window film. Through our accreditations from the IWFA, we are viewed as being a higher quality dealership”.
Please remember that taking any of the IWFA accreditation tests has never been easier, through the new online program. 

Contact the IWFA office for details:


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