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Ontario, Canada Distracted Driving Law - March 18, 2010

Subject: Distracted Driving Law

The new ban on hand-held devices while driving became effective on October 26, 2009. This new law made it illegal for drivers to talk, text, type, and dial or email using hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communication and entertainment devices. 

With the passage of the new law, there have been reported increases in customers that are requesting darker tint on the front and rear side windows of their vehicles. It is imperative that our industry resist the short term benefit of these customer requests and maintain the current subjective standard of 35 percent which generally is recognized by the enforcement community. The current law, for the driver’s compartment right and left, states that no film can be installed which would substantially obscure visibility from the exterior. Behind the driver’s compartment any film can be installed. 

The window film industry does not support any use of film below 35 percent on the front side windows and works closely with the international enforcement com- munity in all states and provinces to support and provide educational information relative to the many benefits of film products. Should the darker film become prevalent as a means of circumventing the distracted driving laws and generating the perception that the darker films are creating safety concerns for the enforcement community, there will be reactive legislative proposals as early as 2011 to establish a more restrictive film law. There are no guarantees that the new proposals will provide the same level of benefits to the customers as the current 35 percent standard that is consistently used by the Ontario installers.

It is strongly recommended that all manufacturers, distributors, and installers use all available resources to support the continued use of the 35 percent standard and fully support the new distracted driving regulations that will result in increased safety for all citizens of Ontario.


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