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Enhance Your Home with Window Film To Celebrate Earth Day All Year

Hurrah! Spring is finally here. It’s when we oftentake a fresh look at how to make improvements and enhancements at home. Forsome of us, snow is melting away and our indoor environments are warming uptoo. It’s time to think about the cooling season and how to get more efficientwith our energy use and costs. 


Earth Day is coming up on April 25th. 2015 - Earth Day’s 45th anniversary -could be the most exciting year in environmental history and when more consumers than ever learn about the array of benefits they can enjoy with professionally installed window film.

Window film may be a much greener solution than window replacement. Just think about all the material production, materialdisposal, transportation, labor and more spent in replacing windows. Oftentimes professionally installed window film can deliver many benefits consumers are seeking when they think about replacing their existing windows.

Additionally, professionally installed window film makes most homes more energy efficient in warmer months when homeownersare most likely to run air conditioning for long periods of time. By reducing solarheat gain, rooms stay more comfortable and cooling costs are kept to a minimum.To make it even nicer – homeowners can save even more on utility bills when they can comfortably open up the shades and curtains and use day light instead of electric light, without creating a “greenhouse effect” in their homes on warm, sunny days.

In the midst of all the Earth Day excitement, don’t forget, April 30th is National Window Film Day. This important daywill focus on building public education focusing on window film as a cost-effective solution to reduce energy costs in homes, to help protect skin and home decorfrom the sun’s damaging UV rays and to promote window safety.

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