Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Remember Our Few and Our Proud and Thank Them For All They Have Done For US









By Darrell Smith

Less than a half percent of the US population is serving in one of our branches of the military this Memorial Day, or 1.3 million out of our population of 330 million people. In all there are about 19 million veterans alive today and nearly 75% of this figure are aged 65 years or more. So, especially for younger people, many may have little contact with someone who has served their country as a proud member of its military. In all our wars since the turn of the last century, starting with World War One, over 600,000 U.S. military service people gave their lives for their country. (Click on headline to read full article)


Remembering Kenneth G. Vickers

It is with deep sympathy that we report on the death of longtime window film industry leader and pioneer, Ken Vickers, age 80, of Martinsville, Virginia.

Ken was truly an exceptional force in helping to shape the worldwide window film industry and community. Highly-respected and active in the industry, he remained Chairman Emeritus of CPFilms Inc., a consultant with Johnson Window Film and Laminating Company, a valued member of both the Board of Directors of the International Window Film Association and the Managing Council of the European Window Film Association. (click on headline to read full article)

Window Film Installation, Distribution and Manufacture Is Essential

Construction and remodeling activities may be considered essential work and those involved in it as critical workers in many areas. Federal officials understand they are critical to the nation’s infrastructure and economy and steps can be taken so that construction activity may continue in a way that strives to protect workers and the public from coronavirus.

Out of Many, One

During difficult times, such as the world now faces with a serious health crisis on our hands, I am reminded of our one of our nation’s mottos – E Pluribus Unum, translated from Latin into    English it is: Out of Many, One. The meaning is thought to derive from the idea of the original 13 colonies of Revolutionary days when people came together and stood firm and stood ready to loyally help and protect each other to the utmost, against all difficulties and challenges.

In today’s atmosphere where people are being asked to ‘self-quarantine’, where public gatherings are being curtailed and where travel outside the country is difficult, it’s pretty easy to think of only one’s self. Of course, it is very important to look after yourself first and foremost, since if you are not well, you are not in a position to help others and in fact may become someone in need of being looked after.

Why the IWFA Matters and Why Industry Members Should Join Us

The International Window Film Association, is a global nonprofit industry association. One of its key missions is to ensure that what is stated and promised about the performance of window film is as accurate as reasonably possible.


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