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National Window Film Day is April 30!

From Utah to Massachusetts, governors across the country are joining the International Window Film Association in declaring April 30th National Window Film Day (NWFD)! This year marks the fourth NWFD, and we are happy to continue furthering knowledge of the many benefits of professionally installed window film.


From increased energy efficiency to protection from 99% of UV rays, professionally installed window film has much to offer for homeowners, business owners, and car owners!


This year, as a part of our IWFA celebration of NWFD, we are sharing a new "Go Green and Save Green" infographic. This new resource highlights how window film is a great home improvement idea to help you save money and save the environment. 


By increasing your home's energy efficiency, window film can help save you money by ultimately reducing heating and cooling costs and may help your home be eligible for "Go Green" energy rebates. From an environmental standpoint, a professional installation of window film can reduce your carbon footprint and the need to replace older windows outright. So, before you choose to replace your older windows, know that window film may be a better option for you!


I invite you to join us in celebrating NWFD this year by sharing our new infographic with your friends and family - whether via email, on social media, or in person. Another great way to celebrate NWFD is by scheduling a professional installation for your home, office, or car. With warmer temperatures and more sunshine just around the corner, now is the time to visit our website and Find An Installer near you!


For more on how to get involved with NWFD and more information on the International Window Film Association, please visit the IWFA website.

Go Green and Save Green This Spring

The days are getting a little longer, the temperatures are rising and it’s the time when many of us begin to revisit that long list of home improvement projects we want to get done for the year. And as we consider making our homes more attractive and energy efficient, it makes sense that we want to save a little green as we go.





February Offers Great Reasons to Think about the Benefits of Window Film

Since the groundhog saw his shadow this year, it looks like we are in for at least a few more weeks of winter. But as we bundle up against the cold, don’t forget that we can enjoy the benefits of professionally installed window film no matter the season or weather.


Given that temperatures are going to remain low for a while, even as the sun is shining brightly, you might want to think about the benefits of reducing glare and achieving energy savings by incorporating window film into your home. The International Window Film Association (IWFA) recommends professionally installed window film as a cost-effective way to help control energy costs while protecting furnishings, and skin and eyes from the potentially damaging UV rays of the sun.


Did you know that untreated windows only protect the eyes from about 25 percent of damaging UV rays?  And, this continued exposure to UV light raises the risks of many eye problems, including cataracts.  In addition, since the damage is cumulative most people do not think about taking the necessary precautions against eye exposure to UV rays.


As we enjoy Valentine’s Day and head towards the end of February, we take a more historical turn with Presidents’ Day. While there was no window film back in the days when Washington lived at Mount Vernon or Lincoln was born in a log cabin, today professionally installed window film plays an important role in protecting our historic homes and landmarks.


Owning an historic property can come with a unique set of challenges, from extensive maintenance to issues of energy inefficiency. Many owners of historic properties would like to opt for new energy efficient upgrades, but that can be out of the question without compromising the structure or the laws governing historical buildings.


When window replacement is out of the question due to these circumstances, homeowners can turn to professionally installed window film as a great solution. In addition to regulating indoor temperatures to help reduce cooling costs, the film can also add an extra layer of UV protection for an historic home’s antique furnishings and period rugs.


For more information about how professionally installed window film can benefit your historic or mid-century home, please read the IWFA’s ebook, Making Window Film History, which provides more details. Thanks for checking in!




To find a local accredited window film installer near you, visit our Business Locator!

An Exciting View Ahead for the New Year

It’s the beginning of another new year, the time when many of us think about ways to improve our lives and our homes.


When it comes to home improvement projects, who doesn’t love an interior that lets the sunshine in? Many of today’s architectural designs incorporate large windows so families can enjoy more natural, bright light. It can look and feel great to have a warm, well-lit home, but it’s not all sunshine to let that unfiltered sunlight come streaming through. That bright sunlight can cause heat build-up, excessive glare, fading of interior furnishings, and even skin cancer and cataracts.


But with professionally installed window film, it’s much easier to avoid many of those problems. Window film can block up to 99 percent of UV rays from passing through unprotected glass. Many protective window films can help to hold many shards of shattered glass together in the event of breakage, providing another layer of protection for your family in the event of accidents or natural catastrophes.


Window film is an affordable alternative for homeowners looking for greater energy efficiency of their older windows. Instead of taking the energy and materials to make, deliver and install a new window, as well as get rid of the old one, you can extend the life of your existing windows by using window film. This can help you save money while also being environmentally conscious.


Window film is a great choice when you want to enhance windows that are still functional but might not be up to contemporary standards. For single-family homes, window film installation can range from $4 to $12 per square foot, depending on the type of window film installed. The process can often be completed in just one day, and the energy conservation benefits are immediate. To top it off, many window films can qualify for “green” credits and energy rebates and are considered carbon-negative products.


 For more information on how professionally installed window film can benefit your home, please read the IWFA’s ebook, which describes all you need to know about window film for the home.


To find a local accredited window film installer near you, visit our Business Locator!

Happy and Safe Driving over the Holidays from the IWFA

Last year, over 100 million people headed out on the roads for holiday travel, according to AAA. With gasoline prices continuing to slide, the highways look to be busier than ever this year. Of course, before you back out of the driveway, you’ll want to check the tires, brakes and oil as part of the usual safety checks. But drivers should also make sure they take the precaution of adding professionally installed window film to their vehicles to protect themselves and their passengers, as well as interiors, from the dangers of UV rays.

The sun may feel pleasant as it streams through a car’s windows on the way to Grandma’s house, but many drivers are unaware that the sun’s harmful UV rays can be damaging to the skin and eyes, especially with prolonged exposure over time. Motorists can be harmed by UV light as it passes right through unprotected side and rear windows. But properly installed automotive window film can help to protect eyes and skin from the cumulative effects of UV rays, which the U.S. Surgeon General has called a “known carcinogen.” In fact, the IWFA recommends professionally installed window film for all automobiles, because window film filters 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays while untreated windows block only about 25 percent of UV rays.


Throughout the year, window film offers many more benefits than protection from damaging UV rays. Window film provides up to 55 percent rejection of solar heat, making car air conditioners more effective and efficient. That means passengers won’t feel those hot spots when the sun shines in the windows. There’s also less eye fatigue for drivers, thanks to window film offering reduced glare from sunlight. Additionally, in the event of an accident or sudden impact, window film may help to hold glass shards together and keep them from flying into the vehicle.


So as you head out for the holidays, keep in mind that professionally installed automotive window film offers an additional layer of safety as you drive to your celebrations by helping protect you and your passengers and making the vehicle more comfortable.


For more information on the benefits of professionally installed window film, visit To find a local accredited window film installer near you, visit our Business Locator!


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