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Not Your Father's Window Film

How often do we find ourselves giving Dad presents that ultimately create more work for him? A new leaf blower for fall clean up. A new chainsaw to take down that old tree. A new paint sprayer for when he gets around to repainting the living room... Hey, it'll make the job easier for him, right?


Next time you're looking for a present for Dad, why not give him a break and instead give him something a professional needs to install - window film! Not only will you be taking something off of his “to do” list, but you'll be giving him an extra day on the golf course, out on the lake, or just lounging on the couch.


Today's window film is far more technologically advanced then when window film was first invented in the 1960's. Gone are the days of bubbled, purple, metallic film. UV protection has increased. Color options now vary. And there are even security enhancing films.


Whether you are looking for a clear, transparent window film or a darkly tinted color, the films are custom installed and will offer protection from up to 99% of dangerous UV-A rays.


Another window film perk Dad will appreciate is the opportunity to start saving on cooling and heating costs. By blocking more than 80% of solar energy from coming through your windows, you will prevent uncomfortable hotspots and regulate inconsistent temperatures throughout your house. A professional installation of window film could also mean up to a 30% reduction in cooling costs! (Now, you'd be saving Dad money, too.)


Looking for your local, accredited window film installer? Just visit the Business Locator page and enter your zip code. For more information on the importance and benefits of window film, be sure to read our Window Film - Surprising Facts You Need To Know eBooklet.


While today’s advanced window films are certainly not your father's window film, that is exactly why they should be!

Protect your skin and eyes while on the road this Summer!

The cumulative risks of sun exposure to the skin and eyes have been known for quite some time now, but since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to share a concerning statistic: Nearly 53 percent of skin cancer cases occur on the left, or drivers' side, of the body.


A recent study published by JAMA Ophthalmology echoes this concern and helps to raise awareness of the increased risk of cataracts due to low UV ray protection from side vehicle windows.


Many don’t realize that while in a car, it is just as important to protect yourself and your loved ones from cumulative skin and eye damage as when you are outside! The study found that the average percentage of front windshield UV-A blockage was 96% which was 25% higher than the side-window UV-A blockage. This translates to the fact that the average side-window of a vehicle may only block about 70% of dangerous UV rays.


It is a common misconception that new vehicles are equipped with adequate UV ray protection. This is simply not the case! Only windows professionally treated or windows with professional installed window film can provide protection from the UV-A rays entering your car.


These study results align with what the IWFA has known for years - people need a way to protect themselves from these dangerous rays that goes beyond simply applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses. Sunscreen is important, but it must be reapplied every four to six hours.


Sunglasses certainly help, but most of them only protect the front portion of your eyes, not the corners and sides, which may be consistently exposed to UV rays while driving.


However, there is good news! The solution we're all looking for? Professionally installed window film.


Window film is a thin sheet of film with layers and coatings that comes in various shades from completely clear, to very dark. A professional installation can help block up to 99% of UV rays from entering your vehicle and reduces sun glare exposure while you are driving.


It is also a quick and cost efficient way to upgrade your vehicle - no matter how old or new it may be. A professional installation of window film on a vehicle can usually be done in just a few hours... just in time for your upcoming summer travel!


For more information on how you can better protect yourself and your loved ones while on the road this summer, be sure to read the IWFA's automotive consumer booklet. Looking to connect with your local, accredited window film installer? Visit our Business Locator!


Happy Summer Driving!

National Window Film Day is Coming Up –Mark Your Calendar, April 30th!

I hope families, home, car and business owners or building managers from coast to coast are as excited about April 30th as we are! The third annual National Window Film Day is upon us. This is one of the best times of the year for anyone considering professional window film installation as the perfect spring or summer improvement this year.


National Window Film Day is the day to celebrate the benefits of window film and all the enhancements it provides – including health, energy-savings or protection of your home or vehicle’s fabrics or furnishings from damaging solar radiation.


The IWFA has been championing National Window Film Day at the state level across the country as our members have grown the event locally in their neighborhoods and counties for years.   


Join our Tweet Chat:

This year, we’re bringing the industry and consumers together to participate in an IWFA-hosted #TweetChat at 2pm EST April 30th on Twitter. Just use the hashtag #WindowFilmDay in your tweet between 2-2:30pm EST to participate. We’ll be live tweeting answers to any questions about window film for anyone to learn about the complexities and advantages of window film.


My personal goal this month is to have more consumers experience the benefits of window film, including the reduction of glare, which helps to combat eye-strain, and protects eyes and skin from indoor UV exposure. We place extraordinary emphasis on protecting our skin and eyes from UV rays when we’re outside – but so many of us still forget that UV rays penetrate ordinary glass.


Consumers who want to take advantage of the benefits of professionally installed window film can learn everything they want to know about it from the International Window Film Association (IWFA). The IWFA provides an easy to use dealer locator on our website, where consumers can find an accredited professional in their area and read our learn more by reading our consumer-friendly e-booklets.


As an expert resource for consumers and industry professionals, we are proud that states across the country have recognized the benefits that professionally installed window film delivers by proclaiming April 30th National Window Film Day. From protecting our skin to lowering our consumption of energy – there is much to learn about the benefits of this professionally installed, cost effective, home enhancement.


Check out the IWFA website, and join our social media community on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There’s always more to learn about the benefits of professionally installed window film for your car, home or office.

Hit the Road in Comfort and Style, with Professionally Installed Window Film

Spring is here and it's a great season to plan the family road trips that you’ll remember forever! My family enjoys travelling to see new places and get out of our routine with a great vacation. 

Show the Love To Your Home: Love and Protect Your Home’s Comfort, Beauty & Value

Homeowners often don’t know where to begin in the process of protecting the investment they’ve made in a home, and enhancing it in a way that will return value year after year. They want to care for their home in the best possible way, but there are so many projects on our “to do” lists. It’s hard to know where to begin.


Many of our home improvement ideas can be really disruptive to daily life in a home – or extremely expensive to produce a significant change we’d like to see. Others may be appealing to us aesthetically, but won’t deliver measurable returns on investment. One sure bet to show your home love now and in the future, is professional installation of window film. In many ways it's a gift to your home that gives back to you many times over!


Many people end up spending too much money on cooling costs due to rooms with large windows causing severe solar heat gain. This puts us in a tough position – we love the view and the natural light, but the heat is too much! Professionally installed window film can reduce solar heat gain without changing the look of the windows at all. So you can open the drapes and take in the view without stress related to soaring cooling costs. Your guests won’t notice any change to how your

windows look, but they’ll be more comfortable than ever in your home.


Of course – there is so much more to sun shining in through your windows than just the visible light itself. UV rays can cause major damage to furnishings and your skin too. Another great benefit of professionally installed window film is that it can reduce up to 99% of UV rays. This is a way to show the love not only to your home, but the people you share it with.


We spend untold amounts on anti-aging crèmes and sunscreens, sunglasses and more. So consider investing in window film and you could see your investment provide potential rewards back to you in terms of healthier skin, furnishings and artwork that retains its vibrancy longer, and cooling costs that aren’t through the roof due to solar heat.


The IWFA is here for you

as a resource to learn more about this great home enhancement. Many consumers are amazed when they start to educate themselves on this advanced product, and realize it’s more beautiful and impressive than they knew! This isn’t your grandfather’s window film. With technological advances in recent years – it can meet even the highest aesthetic standards, and deliver impressive benefits at the same time. A new heating system is functional, but few would say beautiful. A new oriental rug is gorgeous but perhaps not the most utilitarian enhancement to your home. Window film delivers both beauty and practicality – a great way to show your home the love.


Check out the dealer locator on the IWFA website and join our Facebook and Twitter communities to learn more information about window

film than you ever knew was possible! It might just be the support you need to stick with the ambitious New Year’s resolutions you’ve made for 2016. Most people are amazed at how easily window film can be professionally installed, and the potential returns on investment may be enjoyed for many years to come!


And, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for videos that you’ll find both educational and entertaining!


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