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Illinois House Bill 4327 - December 9, 2009

Subject: House Bill 4327

House Bill 4327 is companion legislation to the recently adopted House Bill 3325 (Legislative Alert dated November 2, 2009). This legislation amends the Illinois Code to provide penalty provisions for the illegal installation of film products which do not fully conform with the provisions of the standards established in House Bill 3325. 

New Jersey Medical Exemption - May 9, 2001

Motor Vehicles Medical Exemption

Legislation was passed during the 2000 session that was effective February 1, 2001. It is a medical exemption that is most cumbersome and unusual. The legislation directs the Director of Motor Vehicles to promulgate rules and regulations for implementation and mandates the following as a minimum:

New York - Assembly Bill 359 - February 12, 2001

New York Legislation – Assembly Bill - AB 359 Representative Gantt

Representative A. Gantt has introduced amendments that significantly change our ability to install film on the rear side windows of multi-purpose vehicles:
The current law specifies that on station wagons, sedans, hard tops, coupes, hatchbacks, and convertibles, the rear side windows must have a light transmittance of at least 70 percent.


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