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Welcome to the IWFA's resource for press releases issued by the organization, coverage generated in a variety of media publications, the comprehensive state law chart'swhere you can find information regarding local regulation for vehicle window tints, and the IWFA's own blog - as written by executive director Darrell Smith and legislation impacting the industry overall.

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New IWFA Personal Point-of-View Blog By Darrel Smith

‘My View,’ The New Blog From IWFA Executive Director Darrell Smith, Offers Insights To Help Consumers Get Smart About Window Film

Keep Solar Glare Under Wraps with Window Film

It’s a “Glaring” Problem – Keep Solar Glare Under Wraps with Window Film, and Save Energy Year-Round

IWFA Offers Free Booklet on Window Film Benefits

Window Film Can Save Energy, Reduce UV Exposure and Avoid the Cost of Full Window Replacements

Andrew Decastecker

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Johnson Window Coatings

Ken Vickers

New window Film Tint Law for Big Rig Truckers

America’s Big Rig Truckers Get The ‘10-4’ From the DOT

America’s Big Rig Truckers Get The ‘10-4’ From the DOT For Window Film Use In Cabs To Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Washington, D.C. --- April 3, 2012 -- The International Window Film Association (IWFA), a nonprofit group, announced today that millions of commercial truck drivers on big rigs can now use window film on the cab’s side windows to keep them safe from the sun’s UVA rays, which have been linked to skin cancer. The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA), clarification to safety regulations relating to a truck’s window visibility now allows the use of compliant window films on big rigs, according to the IWFA. Historically, the enforcement community and the trucking industry have taken the position that no film is allowed on any commercial vehicle.

Wang LanFang

Wang Lanfang - Sanyou Dissan  

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Ontario, Canada Distracted Driving Law - March 18, 2010

Subject: Distracted Driving Law

The new ban on hand-held devices while driving became effective on October 26, 2009. This new law made it illegal for drivers to talk, text, type, and dial or email using hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communication and entertainment devices. 

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