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Busting Window Film Myths

Busting Window Film Myths

With 2019 ahead of us I thought a good place to start the year would be to separate myths from facts when it comes to window films.

There are too many applications for window films to cover them all here. It may be noted that window films may be used to save energy and money, reduce fading, block out cancer causing UV rays, offer more safety when glass is shattered, make buildings look more contemporary with innovative design and the list goes on and on.




Keep Building Occupants Healthy and Comfortable with Professionally Installed Window Film

The feel of a work space can be dependent on a variety of factors - temperature, access to daylight, even the direction the building faces. As a building owner or manager, making sure your occupants are healthy and comfortable in their work environment is important, so with this in mind we’re driving awareness to how professional window film can help.

Join Us in Celebrating National Window Film Day on April 30, 2018

We are proud to recognize April 30, 2018, as the fifth annual National Window Film Day

(NWFD) and invite our members and industry as a whole to participate and join the celebration.




Utility Companies Can Help Customers Understand Window Film’s Benefits

For utility companies in the business of selling power, demand can, on occasion, exceed capacity making operations inefficient. In response to this we’re encouraging utilities to be aware of the energy savings benefits of professionally installed window film while educating their customers on the returns.

Advance Corporate Green Initiatives with Professionally Installed Window Film

In an era of environmental consciousness, incorporating green initiatives is top of mind for many companies, not only helping a businesses’ bottom line but also the planet. With this in mind, we’re encouraging companies to incorporate professionally installed window film as an economical means to advance their green initiatives.

New Survey Shows People Unaware Of the Danger of Sunlight At Home and In the Car

I thought "stay out of the sun" was a common practice for many of us. It turns out, I'm wrong. The majority of people are still not aware that the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause significant damage to their skin and eyes, even while inside their homes or driving in their cars. This is according to a new IWFA survey among 1,094 U.S. adults, where the results came as a huge surprise to me. What will it take for people to understand the dangers of UV rays?




Keep on Trucking! Join the IWFA in Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Celebrate Children's Eye Health and Safety Month with Professionally Installed Window Film

Summer - the time of year when kids are splashing in the pool, running through back yards and through sprinklers.

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