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California Energy Commission Approves Window Film Calculator for Use in Schools

Washington, DC- March 21, 2016 – The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently approved a new Window Film Savings Calculator designed by the International Window Film Association for use by local educational agencies to determine whether a window film installation project qualifies for funding under Proposition 39 for energy efficiency upgrades to educational facilities. The calculator will help California school districts determine whether they qualify for funds up to 100 percent of installed costs for primarily K-12 facilities.

To be approved under current guidelines, a local education agency (LEA) must be able to demonstrate to the CEC that the project has both a savings-to-investment ratio (SIR) of at least 1.05 and a simple payback within the life of the project contract under the program. The Window Film Savings Calculator will determine whether a facility meets these qualifications in an easy-to-use, quick interface. The calculator can be accessed at

Before the approval of this calculator, window film use could only be evaluated as part of a full building energy simulation, which can be both costly and time consuming for many LEAs. This restriction also made it more difficult to consider window film application as a stand-alone upgrade rather than being part of a whole building upgrade project which might also include other measures such as lighting, insulation, or HVAC modifications.

“Before this approval, there were existing, simple calculators already approved and in use for many of the other such upgrades, but none for window film installation,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the International Window Film Association. “This year-long effort to develop and make available a tool which met the specifications of the CEC for the sole purpose of analyzing a window film installation as a standalone upgrade measure under Proposition 39 program guidelines will prove valuable to California schools.”

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