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The IWFA’s Communications Channels

How many ways does the IWFA provide information to  educate both members and end-users? Despite these activities being continuing priorities, we still receive inquiries and questions on items where the resources are already available.

The IWFA continues to be increasingly recognized as an unbiased third party resource for both professionals and end-users for accurate technical information on window film products and its various uses. This mission of communication and education is achieved through a variety of channels such as the IWFA website, The IWFA View digital newsletters, special alerts and bulletins issued by the IWFA office, and a wide array of social media channels.

  Here’s a quick rundown of these “communication channels”, with information on how to access them and details on what their impact is.

*  The IWFA website has just undergone a number of significant changes and upgrades, to make for easier access and navigating. Have a look at what is effectively a new site and we hope that you appreciate all of these changes, and increase your use of this very valuable resource.

*  The IWFA website contains a large amount of information for dealers, such as guidelines for flat glass and automotive window film installations, research studies, booklets and pamphlets designed to educate and users and news releases informing the public on the latest trends and benefits of window film products.

*  The IWFA website is designed to educate the public and industry professionals about window film, and the site provides a quick link to member dealer businesses. In fact, up to 15% of all visitors, which number around 15,000 per month, go to the business locator facility on the website to directly contact the dealer, distributor or member manufacturer.

*  The Facebook page for dealers with 1400+ members, was created at the request of dealers and distributors as another avenue to receive industry updates and news from the IWFA.

* The IWFA View newsletter has in excess of 4200 people who have signed up to receive the newsletter which is issued at least monthly, and often more frequently, when the need arises.

* The IWFA LinkedIn company page has nearly 400 members. This new channel is for industry professionals such as architects, facility managers, building owners and window film professionals where there is the opportunity to learn the latest developments from the IWFA and to share this information with others.

*  The IWFA YouTube Channel is a great resource that can be used by dealers and also shared by dealers with their customers so that they can learn more about the many benefits of window film products. Some videos have in excess of 7000 views!

*  In addition the IWFA has a Facebook page for the public with nearly 15,000 followers and daily engagement rates in the double digits [12% to 15%]. Anything above a 1% engagement rate is considered to be “good”, while .5% to .99% is average. The content is frequently shared by dealers on their own Facebook pages.

Our most successful dealers are well educated dealers! Our various accreditation tracks [automotive, solar control, basic and advanced, plus safety/security] are currently being updated and an installation component will be added to the applicable tracks. We are currently working towards an end of year completion date for these initiatives. The existing online testing facility will continue.

We hope that you access these resources and share them with your team, prospects and customers. Remember, the information is comprehensive, accurate, and it is definitely brand neutral.