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Avoiding Glass Failure

Recommended Tool Kit

Recommended Tool Kit:

Summary of Major Guidelines

Summary of Major Guidelines:

The following is a summary list of all of the items that are contained in this document that would require that the film not be applied to a particular window unless it is done with the advice and consent of the manufacturer. If even one of these conditions is violated the final column in the window description table should indicate that it is not recommended that window film be applied to this window.


Examination Procedure

Examination Procedure:

This document presents an extensive list of factors which need to be considered when the application of window film to a particular set of windows is under consideration.

Glass Surface Condition

Glass Surface Condition  :

Glass is a brittle material whose strength is controlled almost completely by the character and distribution of flaws across the surface and edges of the glass.

Solar Exposure

Solar Exposure:

When glass is subjected to the effects of solar radiation, the immediate result is an increase in the temperature of the glass.





Exterior Shading Conditions

Exterior Shading Conditions:

As stated in the preceding section, it is the uneven heating of glass (high temperature gradient) that leads to the introduction of thermal stress of sufficient magnitude to induce thermal fracture in glass.

Interior Shading Devices

Interior Shading Devices:

It is possible that interior window treatments and shading devices such as Venetian blinds, draperies, etc. can create a heat trap next to a window that will exacerbate the temperature gradient problem.

Condition of Glazing Materials

Condition of Glazing Materials:

When examining a window system, it is important to review and determine the condition of the glazing materials.


Simplified Frost Point Test

Simplified Frost Point Test:

IG seal failure is one of the major problems that this guide intends to help the film applicator to avoid.

Glazing Materials

Glazing materials such as gaskets, sealants and tapes are used to provide a seal, glass cushion and thermal isolation between the glazing material and the framing system.


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