Picure of IWFA at a trade show

Ask Me About An Ever Growing Commitment To Professionalism

I recently returned from a global conference focused on window film PPP; no, in this case not Paycheck Protection Programs, but Products, Plans and People. What a change from just a few months ago!

This conference was an in-person, walk the show floor, meet people, exchange ideas, learn new things and get insights to the future of the industry. It was certainly refreshing and comforting at the same time.

Now, I have been in the window film industry for almost five decades, nearly three of them here as the executive director of the IWFA. Our mission has always been to help lead the industry by creating more opportunities for all in the business of window films: from manufacturing to distributing, to installing, and also the tools and associated businesses that support this work.

One way we fulfill our mission is by providing educational opportunities and membership in the IWFA. For example, members agree to a set of policies that uphold certain values related to the promotion of window film products and services (what window film can and cannot do) and not share critical business information that would give one group an advantage over another.

For education opportunities we offer accreditation representing the main uses and benefits of all brands of window film. The testing program measures an individual’s comprehension of various IWFA Educational Accreditation Programs: Solar Control Window Film, Automotive Window Film, Safety and Security Window Film and Advanced Solar Control Window Film.

At this conference and exhibition, we saw many enthusiastic dealers and installers of window film who were eager to become members in the IWFA, and also to become accredited. This is a very positive sign that the industry is striving to become more professional and to obtain third party validation from the IWFA that showcases their expertise.

Consumers should ask a window film business if they are members in the IWFA and also ask if any of their staff have been accredited by the IWFA. Also, when looking for window film, ask if the IWFA logo is on the products they are selling. All of these questions should be answered in the affirmative. If they are, you can be assured that the window film business you are dealing with is committed to doing the best they possibly can for you.