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The IWFA is the world’s definitivesource of window film information.


The International Window Film Association is a Nonprofit Trade Association that provides unbiased educational information about Window Film and its many benefits. We are a unified industry body of window film dealers, distributors, and manufacturers that facilitates the growth of the window film industry by providing research, influencing policy, and promoting awareness of window film.


Residential consumers will find the answer to many common complaints by installing window film. These films can help reduce fading of furnishings, minimize hot or cold spots, and help eliminate glare causing viewing issues with home electronics.


The main benefits for commercial building owners and managers are solar heat control for cost savings, occupant comfort, fade protection, glare control, and exterior building aesthetic improvement. The cost of a window film installation is often justified and budgeted based on the payback in energy savings.


Automotive window films offer many benefits similar to window films applied on windows, doors and skylights. Window films block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that may lead to skin damage and fading of car interiors. Window films can reduce the amount of heat coming into the interior and reduce glare as well.

Benefits Of Window Film

Window Films have different characteristics that can help with issues from comfort to UV protection. Explore the wide range of benefits quality installed films can achieve for you.

What To Expect

There are many factors that go into choosing the right Window Film and installation company for your needs. This section will help explain the buying and installation process.

Dealer Resources

A place for Dealers to find the information they may be looking for and a home for IWFA technical resources.

IWFA Tint Laws

Click the Link to Access the International Window Film Association’s Window Tint Law Guide

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IWFA member companies are rated for their performance by independent, recognized technical testing and reporting companies which are certified and also do the same types of testing and ratings on windows, doors, and skylights.

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