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Celebrate the Spirit of Summer with Window Film

July finds many Americans celebrating Independence Day, and enjoying family vacations and summer get-togethers with family, and friends. It’s a time that people love to travel and host guests to enjoy the long sunny days at the beach and at home. It gets us thinking about how to make these get-togethers more comfortable and enjoyable, and how to make the summer trips the best they can be as well.

Window film can play a helpful role by making your home easy to relax in, without those hot spots and high cooling costs that can come from unprotected windows and relentless summer sun. And it can make your vehicle more comfortable as well.

With the Fourth of July top-of-mind this month, we want you to know even the Constitution of our great nation is protected by professionally installed window film. This is a precious document that our collective citizens want to preserve for generations to come – and there is no better way to protect it from the leading cause of fading and deterioration than today’s advanced window film.

Window film is an impressive solution – just as it helps to protect our national treasures, it can also help to protect the irreplaceable photos, artwork, and fine furnishings that make your home special and unique.

Professionally installed window film can make a tremendous difference in mitigating damage that UV rays can do in terms of fading and general deterioration. And while you’re thinking about it – don’t forget the toll UV rays can have on our skin and eyes.

Summer is a great season that window film can make even better in so many ways! There is so much to enjoy this time of year – why not make it healthier and more comfortable while you’re planning your summer gatherings and trips. And – window film is a perfect addition to your vehicle for a more comfortable road-trip with reduced glare and much less UV exposure for your precious passengers!

And safety/security window films work on residential applications by holding broken glass fragments in place in the window frame– and could mean the difference between a burglar making fast work of breaking through your window and making away with your treasures, or slowing them down enough to be apprehended or give-up on their mission to put a big damper on your summer enjoyment, whether you are entertaining at home or away on vacation.

Stay safe this summer and help to protect your treasures!

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