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It’s the Season for Giving Thanks and Enjoying Friends & Family At Home; Make the Most of it with Window Film

This year has been a busy and fulfilling one for the IWFA and the industry as a whole. We are tremendously thankful for the rewards of hard work. We hope you feel the same as we look towards Thanksgiving and the coming holiday season.

To make your home more comfortable to gather in, and show that you care about family and treasures you hold dear – think about installing window film before the holidays are here.

Installation takes place indoors, so you don’t have to worry even if temperatures are dropping or you’re seeing wet or snowy weather outside. Installers cut the film precisely to the dimensions of your windows and apply it seamlessly and neatly with a minimum of disruption to you. You’ll be amazed at how unintrusive the installation process is and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. We hear this all the time from consumers.

In many instances with today’s high tech window films, your family likely won’t notice any change at all. But if your Thanksgiving table is set near the windows they’ll realize how wonderful it is that nobody is blinded by the sun’s glare as you sit for a meal together at sunset.

In addition, you can let them know that even if they didn’t apply sunscreen before joining you for feasting and family time – window film has them covered. While most people don’t think much about UV protection for their skin indoors, your family will be protected. This is because professionally installed window film blocks most of the UV rays from penetrating windows, which not only protects your skin and eyes, but also helps to protect fabrics, carpets and treasured photos, paintings and other objects  from fading and sun damage.

If you have windows  on opposite sides of your house that cause uneven heating or cooling , window film can help there too – and in turn may reduce your energy bills. This is accomplished by reducing solar heat gain. Window film can ensure a more consistent temperature throughout your home so you don’t have to worry about “hot spots” or rooms where you also close drapes or shades  to keep them from becoming oven-like and  uncomfortable. There are so many ways that professionally installed window film can make your Thanksgiving the best ever this year, and really show that you treasure your home and family!

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Happy Thanksgiving!