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Look for the IWFA Logo When You Look for Window Film

The International Window Film Association exists to help ensure information about window films are as accurate as possible and that the industry is treated fairly so it can advance.

Why do I mention this? For nearly three decades the IWFA has worked to improve people’s understanding of window film. Part of the IWFA’s mission is to provide educational opportunities for our members and the industry at large as well. I recently returned from a large industry conference for the window film industry. As part of this conference the IWFA held an ‘Education Day’ where attendees heard from leaders in the industry to learn about the latest trends in window film technologies, application techniques and best marketing practices.

In addition to these well attended seminars, the IWFA offered accreditation testing for the following areas: Solar Control Window Films, Advance Solar Control Window Films, Automotive Window Films and Safety and Security Window Films. I will point out that even if a window film professional has many years of experience, the content of the study booklets that are part of the accreditation testing program has information that helps to standardize and advance our shared knowledge about window films. Those that take the tests are showing their commitment to you, the consumer or industry professional, to provide you with the most accurate information and so you can compare apples to apples when discussing window film products and how they may help you with your project.

So, when using the IWFA’s Business Locator keep in mind that those listed are proud members of the IWFA and have committed themselves and their business to the many policies and goals of the IWFA. Being an IWFA member is a significant differentiator and should demonstrate to you that those that are allowed to use our logo are probably a step ahead of others in the industry and care for it on a long-term basis. When a consumer or a professional are looking for information on window films, our members have the privilege of using the IWFA’s logo on their website, products or marketing materials and they are people who stand with us in achieving our mission.

So, when you look for window films – look for the IWFA logo first and then start from there.